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NOVEMBER 17, 2022

Christmas Gift Guide For Someone Special

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Christmas is coming up and are those thoughts of picking gifts already stressing you out? Wanting to give back to all the people in our lives as they give to us? Let me tell you a secret - the perfect gift is, of course, buying something that they would love and that is thoughtful but the key here is choosing something they wouldn't usually buy for themselves. 

We’ve done all the hard work for you - here’s the ultimate Christmas gift guide you need to shop here in Australia this 2022. Whether it's shopping for mum, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend or whoever - it's all here. Keep scrolling if you want to start ticking things off your Christmas shopping list!

For Mum

Let's be real. Mum deserves the world for bringing you into this world (cheesy, but true). Looking for a perfect gift that's sure to impress? Give mum that ultimate self-care experience, we know she sure deserves it! The Everything Set features all of our best-selling CheekyGlo products, all packed up in our premium gift box! It is all of our products at a MASSIVE discount - so we all know that mum will be extra proud of you for getting that money worth! 

For Dad

Can’t think of anything else for dad other than the cliche gifts such as neck ties, wallets, belts and shoes? Let’s change it up this year! It's time to shower him with gifts he'll actually use on a daily basis- and he's gonna love how practical they are!


(345 ratings)

Introduce dad to the world of self-care that we know he needs.  The Cheeky Bro Set features our best-selling exfoliating body glove, exfoliating back scrubber, and silk exfoliating face mitt! 


Dad can use the exfoliating glove and face mitt to scrub away dead skin and impurities. Then, he can use the backscrubber where he can use the handles to help scrub and lather hard-to-reach areas himself! It can be used in the shower, and works with just water to sweep away unwanted build-up and congestion. Nothing too hard for dad!


This set includes:

- CheekyGlo Exfoliating Body Glove(RRP $32)

- CheekyGlo Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt (RRP $56)

- CheekyGlo Exfoliating Back Scrubber- (RRP $41)


Total value $119. Save $10

For the Boyfriend

Struggling to find a gift for your boyfriend that he'll actually use? The fastest access to your boyfriend's overnight glow up comes in a convenient bundle that will ensure results - The Glow Up Duo. This set features the Exfoliating Glove and Daddy Body Oil which pair together perfectly to help your boyfriend look and smell delicious! Trust us, he will fall in love with the way his skin transforms completely overnight.


(345 ratings)

It's Glow Up time! 

Our best-selling exfoliating glove has a new partner in crime! After a deep-exfoliation with the CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove, your boyfriend can lather his skin with our ultra-hydrating Daddy Body Oil and gently massage it in for the ultimate glow! Watch how your boyfriends skin completely revitalises itself and glows up in 2 simple steps. 

Perfect for even the most sensitive skin, this body duo ensures that skin stays soft, supple, and hydrated throughout all seasons! No more flaky, cracked, dry skin. It's Glow Up time!  

This set includes:

- CheekyGlo Exfoliating Body Glove (RRP $32)

- CheekyGlo Juicy Peach Body Oil / Yes Daddy Body Oil (RRP $60)

 Total value $89. Save $3!

For the Girlfriend 

You know she loves her skincare and makeup but don't know what type of products she has or doesn't have? Trust us, we know what she needs. Help simplify her makeup and skincare routine with our Fresh Faced Set!


(345 ratings)

The Fresh Faced Set features VIRAL CheekyGlo products that can level up her skin!

She can begin her self-care routine by removing her makeup with our cute heart shaped makeup erasers. Then, she can follow up with our dermablades to remove 'peach fuzz' and achieve smoother, brighter facial skin. Once every 1-2 weeks, she can use the silk exfoliating face mitt to gently and visibly remove dead skin and surface build-up.


This set includes:

- CheekyGlo Dermablades (RRP $25)

- CheekyGlo Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt (RRP $56)

- CheekyGlo Makeup Erasers (RRP $34)

- FREE CheekyGlo Headband (RRP $15)


 Total value $130. Save $15!

For your Bestie

This is the gift for the bestie that is ALWAYS on trend, and loves trying new, VIRAL products! We can guarantee (well we're 99% sure) that she has seen this set on TikTok before! Great friends look after each other in a lot of ways so let this be another way of looking after your bestie's skin, body and hair.


(345 ratings)

Our viral skincare sensations all in one set! Not only does this set feature 3 of our all-time best-selling products, it's also makes for the perfect gift for your bestie! Get your bestie to scrub away all of the nasties off her body and lather on her favourite body cleanser with the other side. Let her feel fresh and clean, walking around confident like a queen! 

This set includes:

- CheekyGlo Exfoliating Loofah Glove (RRP $35)

- CheekyGlo Dermablades (RRP $25)

- CheekyGlo Scalp Scrubber (RRP $24) 


 Total value $79. Save $5!

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