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Xixi Liu

Meet Xixi, one of the co-founders of CheekyGlo. Having worked as a skin specialist at Mecca for almost 6 years, Xixi used her knowledge to create a brand of self-care tools to help people look and feel confident in their own skin.

A personal journey

Dealing with skin problems has been a constant in Xixi's life. As a sufferer of Keratosis Pilaris (KP), she realised the exfoliating glove she used regularly as a child was the solution to managing her skin. However, se was unable to find anything that worked as effectively as the glove she used in traditional asian bathing culture, in Australia. As a result, she decided to design her own version of her favourite skincare secret, and CheekyGlo was born!

Making lockdown a positive

Not one to be defeated, during the Covid lockdown, Xixi co-founded CheekyGlo. After realising the demand for at-home self-care, Xixi and co-founder Allen had the idea to create a brand that was easily accessible while delivering incredible results. The flagship exfoliating glove was born and sold out immediately, leading to the expansion of skincare products to cover the missing essentials for at-home self-care.

The expanded range

With the viral popularity of the flagship glove, CheekyGlo started making headlines on the news. The brand then expanded their line to cover a head-to-toe self-care routine. Dermablades, scalp scrubbers, back scrubbers, a glass foot file and even a hair mask were then added to the range. The sustainable range on offer proved to be exactly what the public needed. High-end quality with high-end results is now available to everyone!

Global recognition

The hard work and dedication to quality did not go unnoticed, with articles in the Daily Mail in the UK launching CheekyGlo into the international spotlight. Xixi’s years of experience as a skin care specialist enabled her to provide the essential knowledge required, coupled with her own personal skin journey, to create a brand that addressed the beauty needs of many. CheekyGlo truly was a whirlwind start to providing access to beauty essentials that do precisely what they were designed to do.

Exfoliation bliss

Having endured skin issues throughout her life, Xixi is well aware of the benefits of exfoliation, which removes dead skin, allowing the fresh new skin underneath to breathe and glow. The exfoliation tools in the range address a variety of areas, including the face, feet, body, and scalp. Ingrown hairs, flaky skin and clogged pores can all be improved with gentle exfoliation that can be a simple part of a daily shower routine.

Proven results

Xixi has worked diligently along with her business partner Allen to provide the best quality skincare tools available. The results of their hard work are proven with outstanding customer testimonials. This is further proof of the dedication to excellence that Xixi strives for and the reason CheekyGlo was a recipient of the 2021 St George Local Business Award for New Business.

Frequently asked questions

To enable their customers to have as much information as possible, CheekyGlo has compiled a list of frequently asked questions and several blogs to further detail what each product does and what to expect when ordering, receiving and using them. With her extensive background and knowledge, Xixi has ensured that every customer has all the information they need to get the full benefits of the products they purchase.

Find Xixi online

You can find Xixi on TikTok, YouTube, Linked-In, and Instagram.

Contact CheekyGlo if you have any questions about the products or your skin concerns.