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CheekyGlo Results Gallery

Based on 917 reviews
CheekyGlo Scalp Scrubber
J.T. (Sydney, AU)
The most life changing thing I’ve ever bought

LOVE!! I always dread washing my hair but this scalp scrubber has taken a huge burden off my shoulders because it solves my dandruff issue. I’ve tried other shampoos and scrubbers before but none of them were effective enough. It thoroughly deep cleans and leaves me with the shiniest and lightest hair, couldn’t recommend it enough!

CheekyGlo Scalp Scrubber
M.M. (Põltsamaa, EE)
Instantly amazing!

Wow, just purchased it and it worked INSTANTLY! Scrubbed my head with it and almost all of my dandruff came off! Thank you cheekyglo.

CheekyGlo Exfoliating Loofah Glove
C.D.V. (Brisbane, AU)
Smooth and soft skin

I love this loofah! It’s made removing old fake tan and prepping skin for new tan so easy! It also leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth all while knowing the benefits in the long run for better circulation and glowing skin

Exfoliation made easy!!

I am obsessed with my 2-in-1 Loofah Glove! This product allows me to exfoliate and clean my skin all at once, leaving me with a smooth, soft and fresh finish 🙌💖 Definitely a shower essential!!

Exfoliating Loofah

I’ve been using the cheeky glow exfoliating loofah for a few weeks now and it’s been the best thing for fake tan removal. Makes it so so easy for something that is usually really stubborn to remove. Not only that but it’s great at removing any sort of dirt and dead skin. Would highly recommend for all my fake tanners out there or anyone really!

The best out there!

This is honestly the shower product that everyone needs. Love how it’s got your exfoliating side on one side then the loofah on the other, literally makes it so easy and quick to scrub and wash in the shower 😍

CheekyGlo Dermablades
S.D. (Perth, AU)
Convenient skincare

I absolutely love my dermablades. They are so easy to use and I honestly was not expecting my skin to look/ feel the way it did after I used it.
I found it so quick and easy to use and honestly one of the most convenient skin care products I own.
Plus my make up goes on so nicely after.

CheekyGlo Dermablades
S.B. (Sydney, AU)
Love it!

I have loved using the derma blade the last few months, I’ve seen such a beautiful glow in my skin after using! Love this so so much!

Healthy Cheeky Glow

True to its words!! After using the cheeky glow peach body oil my skin felt hydrated and it provided me a healthy glow. Best part it smelt amazing!!

CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove
B. (Brisbane, AU)
Exfoliating glove 💯

The cheekyGlo exfoliating glove is unreal! Getting rid of fake tan it is magic, leaving my skin feeling smooth and Amazing 💯

CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove
T.S. (Canberra, AU)

I always struggled getting my fake tan off, until I came across this! It is amazing! Words can’t describe this. My tan comes off instantly with no products needed


Since using cheeky glows products I’ve noticed a big difference in the tone and texture of my skin as well as reduced scaring!! So impressed!
This exfoliating glove is next level and has helped my skin so much!
Has definitely given me a cheeky glow 🤭💗

Love that glow!

I’m obsessed with the peach body oil! Skin has always been on the drier side, however usually this daily, my skin never felt smoother! Very hydrating and smells amazing 😻

Silky smooth skin

The Peach Body Oil is an absolute game changer for my skin! It leaves my skin feeing super silky, glowy and hydrated - the smell is also amazing! Obsessed😍

CheekyGlo Dermablades
M.P. (Melbourne, AU)
Amazing product

I had never used a dermablade on my face ever, not until I tried CHEEKYGLO and I’m so glad they were my first dermablading product! It was so easy to use, didn’t cut my skin and most of all seeing the peach fuzz and the dry skin leave my face with ever scrape was so satisfying! It left my face feeling soft and when it came to applying make up the morning after it looked flawless! 100% would recommend!

CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove
C.M. (Brisbane, AU)
In love!

Highly recommend this glove, probably the best one I’ve tried. Gets rid of all of your old fake tan so seamlessly AND leaves your skin so so smooth, you can literally see all of the dead skin and old fake tan come off.

CheekyGlo Juicy Peach Body Oil
K.W. (Brisbane, AU)

This product has been a game changer for me ! My skin gets dry and itchy every change of season and has completely fixed this issue for me. My partner is obsessed too / as a baker he suffers from eczema due to working with ovens and flour all day. He loves this just as much as I do !!!

CheekyGlo Juicy Peach Body Oil
D.S. (Melbourne, AU)
Body Oil

I love this oil so much because of the smell and feel of it. I use it daily to hydrate my skin and it leaves my skin feeling super soft.

CheekyGlo Juicy Peach Body Oil
C. (Gold Coast, AU)
Glow up

My skin is normally super dry through winter. I’ve been using my cheeky glo oil whenever I have an event or going out and it makes my skin so soft and shiny, giving me a natural glow for the night. Smells amazing and lasts forever on the skin 💕

CheekyGlo Dermablades
S.T. (Brisbane, AU)
Love it!!

I'm absolutely loving this product as a first time user. it has made my skin feel so smooth.

CheekyGlo Dermablades
S.P. (Perth, AU)
The softest skin ever!!

I had never tried out dermablades prior to the Cheeky Glo ones, and I absolutely love them!!

Totally recommend these for anyone who has that extra bit of peach fuzz on their face, or even just to make makeup application smoother and easier!!


CheekyGlo Juicy Peach Body Oil
J.P. (Adelaide, AU)
My secret to glowy skin

This products leaves the most beautiful glow on your skin and I am obsessed with it! It is also extremely hydrating, which is an added bonus 😍

I love it!

As someone who is a weekly tanner having the cheeky glo mitt is honestly an essential part of my get ready routine to exfoliate off all the dead skin from my last tan. If you need consistency and a product that works I recommend the cheeky glo mit

CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove
C.H. (Brisbane, AU)

My cheeky glo exfoliating mit has made my skin feel so soft and luxurious. It has helped me love the skin I’m in!

CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove
A.D. (Sydney, AU)

Obsessed with My Cheeky Glo exfoliating glove. Makes my skin feel so smooth and gets rid of any lump and bumps. It’s so great to get my fake tan off too! You can literally see if fall off!