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APRIL 10, 2024

Your Guide to Repairing, Dry, Damaged, Brittle Hair & Combat Split Ends!

Are you tired of battling with dry, damaged, and brittle hair? You’re not alone. The root cause of this common hair struggle lies in a surprising truth: your hair is essentially dead. Yep, once each strands leaves your scalp, it loses its ability to absorb the vital nutrients it once thrived on. As a result, the ends of our hair suffer the most, leading to all that dryness and the appearance of split ends. But don't fear! Achieving and maintaining silky, smooth hair is still within reach. Read more in diving deeper into the essential of minimising further damage and maximizing nourishment for your locks ✨

Why Does our Hair Become Dry & Develop Split Ends? 

Let’s imagine our hair strands as a plant: the follicles acts as the roots, fostering growth, while the strands itself resemble the leaves, exposed to environmental and external factors. Much like a plant’s roots draw nutrients from the soil to support the growth of healthy leaves, our hair follicles do the same. However, once the hair emerges from our skin’s surface, it no longer has the ability to replenish itself with such nutrients. Our hair strands primarily consists of its own proteins, with keratin comprising approximately 95% of its composition.

Given that our hair is essentially lifeless, it becomes susceptible to further damage from both the products we use and our surrounding environment. Whether it’s the chemicals found in hair products, dyes, the relentless heat from styling tools, or the harsh rays of sun, these factors can all contribute to worsening the health of our hair. Despite your attempts to maintain beautiful-looking hair, it’s crucial to recognise that some product may be doing the opposite than reviving your hair. These products have the potential to weaken our strands, making them susceptible to breakage and split ends. 

The Key Factors behind Damaged Hair

Shampoo/Conditioner Ingredients: It’s crucial to be aware that certain hair products, including shampoos and conditioner, may contain harmful chemicals that can deplete moisture. You should avoid these ingredients if you want to reduce further harm to your hair.

  • Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate / Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
  • Parabens
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Formaldehyde
  • Alcohol

Heat Tools: Whilst it may be nice to blow dry your hair, overexposure to high temperatures can penetrate damage throughout all layers of hair. Especially, curling irons/straighteners, where researchers have discovered it damages 85% of your hair's keratin proteins. 

Lack of Nourishment: Don't be fooled by delicious smelling hair products! Highly fragrant hair products often require strong alcohols to produce such scent, however this in turn depletes your hair's hydration and dries it even more.  

Inadequate Care: Small habits like the way you towel dry your hair have an impact towards the strength of your hair. When our hair is wet, it is at its weakest point, whereby rough rubbing with a towel can increase frizz and contribute to breakage. 

Environment: Factors such as indulging in lengthy hot showers, constant exposure to the sun rays, or frequent visits to the beach can lead to further damage and dryness. Also, environmental pollutants and harsh weather conditions can also worsen these damaging effects. 

Infrequent Haircare Maintenance: Don’t procrastinate on scheduling your hairdresser appointments! Delaying these visits only allows split ends to accumulate. Regular professional treatments and trims are essential for effectively managing and preventing split ends, ensuring the ongoing health of your hair. 

Our Tips to Achieving Silky, Soft and Healthy Hair 

1. Implement Heat Protectant Products 

You can still use your favourite straighteners or curling irons, even your hair dryer! But before heat styling your hair, we highly encourage you to always apply a quality heat protectant product beforehand. While these products won’t completely shield your hair from damage, they act as a barrier to minimising potential harm caused by heat tools. 

2. Avoid Long Hot Showers 

Shortening your shower time and avoiding scaling hot water can work wonders for your hair health. Instead of exposing your strands to extreme temperature, opt for lukewarm water to gently cleanse and rinse your hair. This simple step can help prevent the stripping of essentials oils from your scalp, and maintain your hair’s natural moisture balance (as well as reduce skin dryness)! 

3. Use Nourishing Hair Products 

When browsing for hair care essentials, pay close attention to the ingredients label. Specifically, natural oils are essential in providing rehydration, ceramides to repair the bonds of your strands, vitamins to boost growth and products without any alcohols.

We recommend you include a hair mask within your hair care regimes at least once a week! Hair masks are a vital component to enhancing your hair’s softness, smoothness and shine, as these masks often offer intensive hydration and repair benefits that regular conditions may not provide. Be cautious of the ingredients list, as some may contain harmful chemicals. Choose masks enriched with the nourishing ingredients above! 

You're in luck! We've carefully formulated the perfect hair mask packed with all those mentioned nourishing ingredients. If you're committed to elevating your hair care routine and rejuvenating damaged strands, then our CheekyGlo Rapid Repair Hair Mask is the ultimate solution. Crafted for all hair types, our mask guarantees to transform your hair in just 5 minutes, leaving it healthier, shinier, and softer than ever before!


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Key Ingredients:

Coconut Oil: Restores lustre to dry and damaged hair whilst taming frizz. It keeps hair smooth and shiny, whilst also preventing split ends!

Avocado Oil: One of the only ingredients that can actually penetrate the hair shaft to moisturise and strengthen hair health, preventing breakage.

Soy Amino Acids: Boosts keratin production and strengthens the hair strands for stronger, more resilient hair.

Ceramides: Smooth the hair cuticle to boost shine and volume, whilst creating a protective film on the hair to lock in moisture and protect it against further damage. 

4. Properly Apply your Hair Products 

Even with all the right hair products, achieving optimal results isn’t as simple as slathering them on and rinsing them off. Given that our hair is essentially dead, proper product application is key to maximising their effectiveness. Take the time to massage your hair your hair products deeply into your strands, ensuring that every part is coated and nourished. Additionally, you can choose to complement your routine by incorporating hair tools to further enhance absorption and nourishment. 

Scalp scrubbers are the latest innovation to elevate your hair care routine. These handy tools offer more than just a deep massage—they also stimulate blood circulation in your scalp, leading to better absorption of nutrients from hair products. This enhanced absorption promotes the growth of new hair, making scalp scrubbers a must-have addition to your hair care regime! 

Your hair is your crown 👑

Your hair-care routine should be simple and effective- giving you the results you need without too much hassle! Follow our tips and watch your hair become silky and smooth with time!

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