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CheekyGlo Makeup Eraser

: 2 pack

Easily remove makeup, oil, dirt, sunscreen, dead skin cells, face masks and much more with our reusable CheekyGlo Makeup Eraser!

This eco-friendly tool features high-quality microfibre fabric that activates with water to gently remove all traces of impurities from your skin. No chemicals needed- just add water!

Featuring a premium sponge interior, this ultra-soft puff reduces the amount of pressure applied on the skin, allowing for less rubbing and tugging on the delicate skin.

The best part is that each CheekyGlo Makeup Eraser replaces 1000 cotton pads- helping reduce single-use waste! 

Simply soak with water and squeeze out any excess before gently massaging it on your face to remove makeup and impurities. Use with or without cleanser to achieve clean, clear skin without any harsh chemicals! Once done, wash off makeup from your Makeup Eraser and hang to dry.

Colour: Pink & Black
Size: 9x11cm
Material: Microfibre made from 100% Polyester, puffy sponge interior, hanging loop

Hand wash with cleanser or soap in between uses. To remove heavy pigment, machine wash in a delicates bag. Wash before first use. Replace every 3 months.

• Easily targets pores and creases in the skin for a deeper clean

• Perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin

• Massaging motions boost blood circulation for healthier skin

•Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and reusable- great for your skin and the environment

Real People. Real Results.

"This is the best makeup remover tool I’ve used! You only need water and this makeup eraser to remove makeup, even if it’s as tough as waterproof mascara. It feels super soft on the skin and I love the colour too. Would highly recommend this product as you would also save heaps of money on not needing to buy makeup removers."

- Verified Buyer Carmen L.

The Eco-Friendly Solution To Makeup Wipes

We're saving the world one makeup wipe at a time! Each eco-friendly makeup eraser replaces over 1,000 single use make up wipes to reduce your eco footprint. Made from fluffy microfibre material, it'll get into all the hard to reach spots without the need of harsh chemicals. Just add water and watch it magically erase all traces of makeup!

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
C.Z. (Melbourne, AU)
Amazing Product!

What a game changer! No more cotton pads for me!
The makeup eraser has changed my life and it literally takes 2 minutes to take my makeup off! Love it!

Victoria Stead (Adelaide, AU)
Best makeup remover ever

I was honestly unsure how this would work but I can honestly say I will be purchasing more as it is the best makeup remover I’ve used. I didn’t use any product, just soaked the pad in water and it wiped of all my makeup straight away (even water proof makeup!) I’m super impressed 😁💓

Sakura (Sydney, AU)

Honestly this is the best, affordable product I have ever seen and it’s pink 💗

Melanie (Sydney, AU)
Super gentle and effective!!

I've been looking for a good reusable makeup remover puff and the ones I've tried in the past don't compare to the cheekyglo makeup eraser! The sponge interior makes a HUGE difference when taking off my makeup, I apply way less pressure and rub my skin so much less than I do with my other pads. Great quality, great price point, and eco friendly - all the things I was looking for!


Soft on the skin. Works a treat with a little mineral water.

Ren Jones (Burlington, US)
I love it 🥰

I love how it makes my skin feel, i wish it was a little bit scrubbier but honestly it’s amazing

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