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CheekyGlo Dermablades


Dermablade your skin at home with our high-quality, easy-to-use blades. Say goodbye to peach fuzz, unwanted facial hair, and excess dead skin with our CheekyGlo Dermablades! Better yet, use them to shape your eyebrows, hairline, and even use them for a quick shave on small areas of your body.

Unlike most dermablades in the market, our CheekyGlo Dermablades are made with fine-tooth protective guards for easy and safe use. This prevents the razor from cutting or harming the skin, so that you can achieve flawless skin easily! 

The best part is that our blades are made from wheat straw, making them an eco-friendlier choice than plastic alternatives! 

1. Use once a fortnight on freshly cleansed skin. Ensure blade is sanitised with rubbing alcohol. For best results apply a facial oil or serum prior to shaving.

2. Pull skin taut and glide the blade at a 45-degree angle to remove dead skin, peach fuzz, and dirt. Use gentle, short strokes in the same direction of hair growth. Avoid acne or cuts.

3. Apply toner to skin, follow with normal skincare routine. Sanitise blade.

Replace once blade is dull.

Stainless Steel, ABS (60% Wheat Straw)

Real People. Real Results.

"Genuinely the best! These are honestly the best hair removal product I have bought in my life. It just so easily removes hair, it completely gets rid of dead skin cells and makes hair removal so easy! I will keep buying these for sure!"

- Verified Buyer Angelique P.

Shave Goodbye To Peach-Fuzz

Designed for the face, CheekyGlo Dermablades offer a pain-free hair-removal solution for even the most sensitive skin. Easily shave off peach fuzz without worrying about hair growing back thicker or longer!

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
S.D. (Perth, AU)
Convenient skincare

I absolutely love my dermablades. They are so easy to use and I honestly was not expecting my skin to look/ feel the way it did after I used it.
I found it so quick and easy to use and honestly one of the most convenient skin care products I own.
Plus my make up goes on so nicely after.

S.B. (Sydney, AU)
Love it!

I have loved using the derma blade the last few months, I’ve seen such a beautiful glow in my skin after using! Love this so so much!

M.P. (Melbourne, AU)
Amazing product

I had never used a dermablade on my face ever, not until I tried CHEEKYGLO and I’m so glad they were my first dermablading product! It was so easy to use, didn’t cut my skin and most of all seeing the peach fuzz and the dry skin leave my face with ever scrape was so satisfying! It left my face feeling soft and when it came to applying make up the morning after it looked flawless! 100% would recommend!

S.T. (Brisbane, AU)
Love it!!

I'm absolutely loving this product as a first time user. it has made my skin feel so smooth.

C. (Perth, AU)
The softest skin ever!!

I had never tried out dermablades prior to the Cheeky Glo ones, and I absolutely love them!!

Totally recommend these for anyone who has that extra bit of peach fuzz on their face, or even just to make makeup application smoother and easier!!


P.A. (Melbourne, AU)
The best dermablade

I have loved using this blade weekly to just get rid of the peach fuzz and dead skin on my face. It is a beautiful exfoliator and very good quality

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