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CheekyGlo Glass Foot File

: Sensitive

Want a simple and quick solution to dry, crusty feet?

Our CheekyGlo Glass Foot File is the perfect tool to smooth, soft feet in seconds! Use on wet or dry skin to painlessly file away dead skin, dirt, and callouses- no chemicals needed!

Adjust pressure accordingly depending on the sensitivity of your skin, and be sure to not over-exfoliate. Once you've scrubbed enough, rinse your foot and finish off with our moisturising body oils for pro-longed hydration. The file is reusable and easy to clean- simply rinse under water after each use for a like-new file!

For sensitive skin types prone to irritation, opt for the gentle file. For feet that need a little more TLC, the coarse file will be your best friend!

Please note: as the file is made completely of glass, it is prone to breaking if dropped or smashed on a hard surface. If you wish to use it on wet skin, please do so OUT of the shower.

Can be used on wet or dry skin. If using on wet skin, do so post-shower (out of the shower) and take care not to be too rough. If irritation occurs or persists, stop immediately.

Please try not to use in slippery areas as the file may break if dropped as it is made of glass.

Rinse under warm water to clean.

100% Glass

Real People. Real Results.

"I dont usually leave reviews and find most of the products marketed on social media don't work... BUT! Your foot files are actually incredible! I've used everything, the expensive big brands electric files etc and nothing works. But your files are amazing! Just a couple of minutes and my rough feet are baby bum smooth!"

- Verified Buyer M

It's all in the details.

Unique laser-etched patterns to help remove dead, dry and crusty skin without pain. No need for harmful chemicals, expensive foot peels - just simply choose your grit and scrub away.

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Y.B. (Bunbury, AU)
Glass foot file

I have always struggles with dry heels and this product instantly changed my life. I now want to show off my heels. This product is a must. Combined with the body oil this is a winning combination. I already placed my second order

M. (Napier City, NZ)

Hello!! I dont usually leave reviews and find most of the products marketed on social media don't work... BUT! Your foot files are actually incredible! I've used everything, the expensive big brands electric files etc and nothing works. But your files are amazing! Just a couple of minutes and my rough feet are baby bum smooth!
Pics of one foot done after one use of a few mins and how gross my foot was before!

Angela Laybourn (Manchester, GB)
Foot file

Works well at removing hard skin, I recommend finishing with a smoother file to give the best feel to your feet.

Sarah F (Perth, AU)
amazing product so happy to have it

It works wonderfully, it's worth every cent, it could great if a storage bay came with it, that way because it's "glass" it would be kept safe. Amazing product well done to whom ever created this wonderful product

Kita (Columbus, US)
CheekyGlo Glass Foot File

I love my CheekyGlo Glass Foot File! My feet feel very smooth & softer. No need for a salon visit!!!


Incredible product, works perfectly!! I have really dry feet and this is the first thing that has touched it without spending hours to try and get something to work! 5/5!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a glass foot file and a traditional foot grater?

The CheekyGlo glass foot file is designed to be a gentle yet effective way to remove unwanted dead and calloused skin. This is a premium foot exfoliator tool that is simple and effective to use on both wet and dry feet for a silky-smooth finish. The best part is that there is no need for additional harsh chemicals to get smooth, soft feet! With raving reviews about this revolutionary glass foot file, this anti-rust, anti-cut foot care tool will keep your feet looking and feeling great.

Will using a glass foot file contribute to the overall health of my feet?

Not only does foot exfoliation keep your feet looking and feeling great, it also helps prevent cracking- which can lead to infections! With our glass foot exfoliator, you can gently remove dead and calloused skin, helping your feet breathe. If left unattended, dead skin on your feet can lead to cracking and blisters, which can cause unwanted pain and infections. Ensuring that your body is properly exfoliated from head to toe helps to ensure that your skin remains in its best possible condition.

What purpose does a glass foot file serve in your whole-body exfoliation routine?

While a regular exfoliating glove or a purposefully designed back scrubber or scalp scrubber can help with exfoliating your body, a glass heel file serves the particular purpose of taking care of your feet. So often forgotten in body exfoliation, we are on our feet every single day- and taking care of them will help you look and feel fresh all over. A glass foot file is a gentle tool that helps to maintain soft and smooth feet so that even with the most exposing shoes, your feet will always feel good.

What is it about a glass foot file that makes it a superior exfoliating tool?

The CheekyGlo glass foot file is designed to fit perfectly in your hand for the most effective foot exfoliation. The laser-etched patterns on the glass heel exfoliator means that you won't cut or damage your skin as you might with harsher graters, but instead gently buff away unwanted dead skin to reveal the fresh and smooth layers underneath. With a finishing touch like our peach body oil to hydrate and restore, the glass foot file is a superior choice to a more traditional foot grater for quality foot exfoliation.

What makes the CheekyGlo glass foot file the best choice for a quality foot exfoliator?

The ergonomic design coupled with the high-quality materials used to manufacture the CheekyGlo glass foot file are what makes this product so highly revered in the Australian market. Not only does it not require additional products to work, it is also rust-proof, making it perfect to use in or out of the shower. CheekyGlo specialises in the production of high-quality body exfoliation tools that can be easily used and maintained at home for soft and glowing skin every day.

Will a glass foot file work as an exfoliator for cracked heels?

Cracked heels can be painful if left untreated and the use of harsh chemicals as a treatment method can release unwanted toxins into the body and sometimes cause even more irritation. Using a glass foot file regularly can help to prevent cracked heels from forming in the first place through a gentle and natural method. As a solution to already-formed cracked heels, these wonderful exfoliation tools will help to remove hard and dead layers of skin one by one without causing any pain while restoring your feet.

What causes cracked heels and how can I prevent it from happening?

Cracked heels are caused by leaving untreated dead skin around the heel area of the foot. This condition can be perpetuated by wearing thongs or no shoes for extended periods, which can cause the hard skin to crack and become painful. You can prevent heels from cracking with the regular use of a heel exfoliator like the CheekyGlo glass foot file on your feet when wet - for the most effective skin removal - or dry for a lighter touch.

What are the care instructions for a glass foot file to maintain it for the longest time?

Our handy feet exfoliator tools are simple to use and easy to maintain for the longest lifespan. Simply running your glass foot file under cold water after every use will wash away any dead skin remnants, leaving it ready for your next use. Much like our incredible makeup eraser, our CheekyGlo products are designed for ease of use and simple maintenance so that they can be reused to prevent disposable waste. The CheekyGlo glass foot file is designed for use in both wet and dry conditions, so you don't need to worry about how you're using it, one simple post-use rinse and you're all set for your next use.

Can I use a glass foot file if I have sensitive skin?

Absolutely! At CheekyGlo, we understand the importance of catering to different skin types, including sensitive skin. That's why we offer two types of glass foot files – one for sensitive skin and another with a coarser texture for more troubled feet. Much like our popular sensitive glove, which is gentle on sensitive areas, our glass foot files are designed to provide the right level of care for your needs. The sensitive glass foot file is perfect for those with delicate skin, ensuring a gentle yet effective exfoliation. For more robust treatment, the coarse file tackles tougher foot concerns. Check out our blog for tips on treating sensitive skin and recommendations on the best products for maintaining glowing skin. Whichever your skin type, our glass foot exfoliator tools are tailored to ensure your feet receive the care they deserve.

In addition to the glass foot file, what other tools does your store offer for full-body exfoliation?

CheekyGlo specialises in providing a range of exfoliation tools that will help to keep your whole body soft and smooth to the touch. From our exfoliating face mitt to professionally designed dermablades, our online store offers an incredible collection of exfoliation tools for the entire body. CheekyGlo believes in the power of full-body exfoliation from the head to the toes. Contact us for more information on our solution-driven tools!

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