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How To Get Rid Of Dandruff, Itchy Scalp, Oily Roots and Split Ends

As we age, hair gets more complicated to maintain. With use of heat, fragrances and weather conditions, hair tends to become more problematic, resulting in issues like dandruff, itchy scalp, oily roots and split ends.


If you have dark hair or like wearing dark colours, you may notice more the flakes in your hair or on your shoulders. Dandruff may also make your scalp itchy. Many people believe that dandruff is caused by poor hygiene, but this is not true. Plus, an abnormally oily scalp can feel like a problem if it makes your hair feel greasy or dirty all the time. 


Split ends are also another annoying hair problem, which everyone has to deal with at one point, and this happens when the ends of your hair become dry, brittle, frayed. Before diving in to our 7 tips for healthy hair, let's talk about the causes of these annoying hair issues.



Dandruff, called also ''seborrheic dermatitis'', is caused by excess oil on your scalp that causes the skin cells to renew at a fast rate, producing those flakes. Dandruff can be caused by dermatitis, stress, weather, and hair-washing habits.


    Itchy and Oily Scalp

    Itchy and oily scalp may be caused by dandruff or simply be the result of a sensitive scalp. Potential causes of an itchy and oily scalp include allergies, contact dermatitis, heat styling, and over-shampooing.


    Split ends

    Split ends happen when the ends of your hair become brittle, dry, and frayed. They can make your hair look damaged and are often caused by weather conditions, hair-styling techniques, harsh hair products and treatments, or bleaching/hair colouring.


      7 Tips For Healthy Scalp & Hair:


      1. Use a clean anti-dandruff Shampoo

      Dandruff shampoos are one of the most effective and quickest way to treat dandruff. They can be obtained via prescription (for worst cases of dandruff) or over-the-counter and contain zinc or sulfur, which have antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties that can help treat dandruff. They can inhibit the growth of yeast, which is the main factor in dandruff.

      When selecting a shampoo, be conscious of the following ingredients, as they are known to be problematic:

      • Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate / Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
      • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
      • Parabens
      • Sodium Chloride
      • Formaldehyde
      • Alcohol

      2. Wash your hair often, but not too much

      Some believe that we need to let natural oils sit longer on our scalp for less dryness, but that can actually add to the problem. Yeast levels rise when there is more oil on skin. Oils and dead skin cells further accumulate as a result of infrequent hair washing. Those who are prone to dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis should wash hair 2 times a week to reduce build up. But be careful to not wash your hair too often, or your scalp will produce more oil to overcompensate.


      3. Exfoliate your scalp

      Much like how we exfoliate our skin once in a while to get rid of excess impurities, it's also important to exfoliate your scalp to remove sebum and flake buildup. Have you ever used your nails to scratch your scalp and find flakes and oil stuck under your nails after? This is a sign that your scalp is congested with excess sebum, and that you should exfoliate your scalp at least once a week.


      A word of warning: if you are using your nails to scratch your scalp, you need to stop right now! Using our sharp nails to itch and scratch the scalp can be extremely damaging as you are at risk of scraping and cutting the delicate scalp, which would cause inflammation and even infections! Plus, repeated or aggressive scalp-scratching can lead to damaged skin and hair follicles, that can even result in temporary hair loss, bleeding, or scabbing.


      Instead of using your nails, opt for a scalp scrubber tool. Scalp massagers, or scalp scrubbers, are typically handheld, brush-like devices that work to stimulate and exfoliate the scalp, they tend to have soft silicone or synthetic bristles that help massage the scalp and buff away dry, flaky skin. From exfoliating away dead skin cells and product build-up to stimulating blood circulation, there are a whole bunch of reasons you should add a scalp scrubber into your hair care routine.


      Try our CheekyGlo Scalp Scrubber Today!

      Try our CheekyGlo Revitalising Scalp Scrubber! Made with soft but firm silicone bristles, this ergonomic hand-held shower tool helps target dandruff, itchy scalp and dry/flaky skin by deeply cleansing your scalp and removing build-up and excess oil.
      • You can use it alone or in the shower with any shampoo or treatment.
      • The soft and firm bristles are designed to give you a relaxing scalp massage that not only feels amazing but also stimulates the scalp to encourage healthy hair growth.
      • It is suitable for all hair types, even bleached and chemically-treated hair.
      • You can use it on wet or dry hair.

      Some benefits of using the CheekyGlo Scalp Scrubber:

      • Helps with dandruff- Scalp scrubbers help to remove the build-up of old skin cells and products that can lead to an itchy, flaky scalp and dandruff.
      • Provides deep relaxation and relief- Scalp massage is not only super relaxing but it also has lots of health benefits. A scalp massaging brush can help you get that spa experience at home and stimulate those pressure points that give you brain tingles.
      • Encourages healthy hair growth- That tingly feeling you get when you exfoliate? That’s your hair follicle being unblocked and stimulated, creating an optimum environment for healthy hair growth, allowing your hair to grow stronger and healthier.
      • Increases blood circulation- Your blood carries all the nutrients and oxygen around your body, and your skin loves it. Exfoliating encourages blood circulation to your head, so it gets all the nutrients it needs, making your hair healthy and shiny.
      • Helps hair products work better- By detoxing the scalp from build-up, scalp scrubbers can help your hair products apply and penetrate deeper, making them more effective. Think about it, if your scalp is riddled with a layer of gunk, how can your expensive shampoo even penetrate properly? 

      The best part is that you can use the scalp scrubber dry and wet! Use it for a couple of minutes on your dry scalp at your desk, before your shower, or even before bed! If using it wet in the shower, use it to massage in your shampoo or scalp treatments until you're satisfied!


      Can men use the Scalp Scrubber?

      The answer is: of course they can and they need to do it! Same rules, same benefits, plus did you know that it can also be used on the beard?! Use it with a facial/beard cleanser or for distributing beard oil, balm, conditioners, shampoo, gels, waxes and pomades during styling.


      Some benefits of using the scalp scrubber on beards include:

      • Promotes healthy, faster, and fuller hair & beard growth.
      • Stimulates blood flow to the face & scalp, strengthens hair roots and promotes growth of healthy well-nourished hair.
      • Helps soften and condition the hair, making it more manageable.
      • Loosens dead skin, and helps cleansers work better to avoid acne.
      • Detangles the beard and relieves any itching.

      4. Use shampoo on your scalp only (not on your ends!)

      Shampoos are designed to remove oil and sebum, which is perfect for cleansing the scalp. They can, however, be drying on the ends of your hair, which can lead to split or weak ends that are more prone to breakage. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you should apply your shampoo only to the scalp and apply conditioner only on your ends to make them keep soft and shiny.


      5. Get regular trims

      Unfortunately, split ends can’t be repaired. The only reliable way to get rid of them is to cut them off. By getting a trim regularly, say every 8 weeks, you’re removing the most damaged part of your hair, so you’ll keep split ends to a minimum.


      6. Use a hydrating oil on your ends

      Hydrated hair is healthy hair. An easy way to keep your ends hydrated is to regularly use a light, nourishing oil on the ends. Regular use will help condition and detangle hair so that it's shinier, smoother, and softer. Pro-tip: after applying our Juicy Peach Body Oil to your skin, use the left-over oil on your palms on your hair! Use our Juicy Peach oil on damp or dry hair throughout the week to keep it looking glossy and smooth. 

      Key ingredients include:

      • Peach Kernel Oil: helps to moisturise deep into the hair for long-lasting hydration, making it look healthy and soft.
      • Jojoba Oil: rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair, and can even be a dandruff remedy. Strengthens hair and helps prevent hair loss and promote hair thickness.
      • Argan Oil: know for its moisturising property that protects hair and scalp from everyday damage.
      • Vitamin E: supports the scalp and gives your hair a strong base to grow from by reducing oxidative stress and preserving the protective lipid layer.

      7. Minimise the use of heat

      While heat is a hairstyling game-changer, it can also dry out your hair cuticle and change the structure of your hair proteins. Once your hair is damaged by heat, it can get to the point where you feel like cutting it all off is your only option. When possible, try to use less heat and always apply heat protection, to shield your hair against some of the potential damage from styling with your straighteners, curlers and tongs. 


      Take care of your hair with CheekyGlo 

      Small, simple additions to your hair-care routine can make a world of a difference. See why everyone's raving about our CheekyGlo Scalp Scrubber, and Juicy Peach Body Oil. Start incorporating them today and you'll notice a huge difference in the cleanliness and health of your hair, and you might even find that your hair becomes healthier and grows faster too!



      CheekyGlo is an Australian beauty brand that specialises in beauty tools and products that provide real results. Our mission is to empower women and men to look and feel their best, naturally.