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Skincare for your Zodiac- must read!!

If you're obsessed with all things Zodiac, here's a must-read for you! Did you know that your star sign can also help you make skincare decisions that are more aligned to your personality? Read on to find out how each star sign should be taking care of their skin!


A hot-headed fire sign that can often be prone to inflammation, breakouts, and flushes. Aries often lead hectic lives, and combined with their fiery personality, really need a skincare routine that is fast, and actually works. 
Use the CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove once a week to detox all the nasties on your skin caused by inflammation. It's simple, fast, and works with just water in the shower. Exfoliate away all the nasties that often cause congestion, breakouts, and acne. 


A stubborn earth sign that enjoys relaxing in serene, peaceful environments after a long day. A fun fact is that Taurus babes love routine, and hate the idea of change!

Luxury and relaxation is what a Taurus needs. Drench yourself in the Juicy Peach Body Oil each night to soothe your skin and your mind. The delicious peach scent is light yet fragrant, making it the perfect Taurus companion. 


An air sign that is curious, passionate, and adventurous. Gemini babes love discovering the latest trends, new products, and trying new things! They also often have sensitive skin, meaning they are always on the hunt for good quality skincare that doesn't cause irritation!

A lover of expression and change, a Gemini often also loves playing with multiple makeup looks. Use a natural, chemical-free makeup removal tool, like the CheekyGlo Makeup Erasers, to melt away your beat at the end of the day. It's perfect for sensitive skin as it activates with just water, and removes even the most stubborn makeup products!



Highly intuitive and psychic, our resident water sign is often a nurturer of those close to them. Cancer babes can easily pick the energy of people around them, so much so that they often forget to take care of themselves. 

Gift yourself a CheekyGlo Self-Care Package to pamper yourself for a change! After a tiring day, treat yourself to a warm bath, deep exfoliation, and finish off by giving yourself a massage using our Juicy Peach Body Oil



Step aside sisters, the main character is here, and the Leo is not here to play. Leos crave attention, and pride themselves in an extensive skincare-routine that gives them that glow! 

Satisfy your desire for the gaze of others by using the CheekyGlo Dermablades! The CheekyGlo Dermablades will help you tame that mane (pun intended), shed off the dust and hair on your skin, to leave you smooth, soft, and radiant. 



Virgos are often detail-orientated perfectionists, who value skincare products that not only offer quality, but also results. This earth sign values efficiency, and their choices in products reflects their meticulous personality.

Look no further than the CheekyGlo Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt! Made from the highest-quality Turkish silk, this exfoliating face mitt helps you gently massage away dirt, blackheads, dead skin, and congestion on your face. 



Libras are known for being aesthetic, beautiful, and well-groomed. This air sign craves balance and harmony, and yearns for equilibrium in all areas of their life. 

After a long, tiring day at work, Libras need to balance out their feelings with a calming skincare ritual. Light a candle, run a hot bath, and massage away the day's stress with the CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove. Not only does it scrub away impurities that cause skin concerns like ingrown hairs, acne, and dry skin, it also provides a great lymphatic massage.



A determined water sign that has an obsession with being, well, obsessive. They are known to be incredibly seductive and alluring, and can also be quite volatile at times.

Sometimes, this volatility can show up in their skin, through blackheads, breakouts, flushes, or allergies. This is where the CheekyGlo Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt comes in. Regular exfoliation with this gentle yet effective mitt ensures that congestion is kept at bay, and that skin looks clear, healthy, and vibrant- always.



A fiery adventure-seeker, Sagittarius babes often lead an active lifestyle to satisfy their desire for new experiences. 

Avoid post-exercise congestion with the CheekyGlo Back Scrubber! Easily exfoliate your back with the two ergonomic handles that allow you to scrub those hard-to-reach areas!



This earth sign loves structure, and seeks practicality in all areas of their life. Capricorns especially love quality-over-quantity, looking for skincare products that are long-lasting, and proven-to-work.

Capricorns aren't looking for one-time use products that cost a fortune. Opt for our reusable, high-quality CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove to keep your skin healthy and glowing! Use it for up to 12 weeks in your shower to give yourself deep exfoliation at home, and best of all, it works to target so many common skin problems- think keratosis pilaris, dry skin, ingrown hairs, congestion, and more!



This air sign is often regarded as self-reliant, optimistic, and creative. Aquarians love showing off their innovative brains and are always looking to help others discover new skincare trends.

What better way to share the love for innovation than to use the CheekyGlo Makeup Eraser? This water-activated microfibre puff removes the toughest makeup stains from the skin gently, without any chemicals! Better yet, it can be used to effortlessly remove clay masks (that are honestly a pain to wash away).



Highly emotional and creative are two personality traits of the Pisces. This water sign is known for being incredibly empathetic and generous, and often act as the "therapist" of their group. 

Pisces babes should be wary that whilst they are great at caring for others' needs, they also need to focus on themselves. Self-care is incredibly important to Pisces babes, as this will help them relax at the end of a long day. A great way to do this is to give yourself a deep exfoliation massage at home, using the CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove. Effortlessly massage way toxins, impurities, and skin concerns with this water-activated glove, for the ultimate home-spa experience!

CheekyGlo is an Australian beauty brand that specialises in beauty tools and products that provide real results. Our mission is to empower women and men to look and feel their best, naturally.