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CheekyBro Set - Cheeky Glo
CheekyBro Set - Cheeky Glo
CheekyBro Set - Cheeky Glo

    CheekyBro Set

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      The perfect set for a CheekyBro who loves keeping themselves clean and groomed. Featuring our best-selling exfoliating body glove, exfoliating back scrubber, and silk exfoliating face mitt, you'll have all you need to keep you glowing from head to toe. This set is also the perfect gift, whether it is for someone who has never tried exfoliation before, or someone who loves self-care.

      Customer Reviews

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      Only thing that's helped my back acne

      I've suffered from back acne since I have been a teenager. I've tried so many things and they are either really difficult to use or didn't give me results. I finally caved and tried the Cheeky Glo and wow I'm shocked.

      I've been asked to share my photo which I am quite embarrassed about, however I hope this photo can help anyone else making a decision on whether or not to give the Cheeky Glo a try. I've seen improvements in 4 uses and I do believe with more use my skin can clear up.

      Just make sure to avoid any active/infected acne and scrub the scars.

      If you suffer fro body acne and you're on the fence, give it a go. You've got nothing to lose!

      Sephe Shaw
      Smooth like a dolphin!

      I have Keratosis Polaris on my arms and legs, even after one use with this glove I can already feel the difference! My skin is smooth and soft, the glove didn’t hurt or make my skin red like other exfoliating gloves do and the loop on the glove allows for easy hanging and drying!

      Mariah Palma
      MUST BUY!

      Girl if you think its not working it’s probably beacause your using it the wrong way! Theres a technique you cant just use it on wet dripping skin. By far the best that Ive ever used and will purchased all over again . Definitely recommend and a must for summer and winterr

      Sharren Wong

      Never knew how much of a dirty b I was till I got my hands, back or body, on one of these bad boys (gloves) - it’s crazy. No cap

      Daniel De Luca

      The glove is just amazing and really does work even on first try, i exfoliate with a normal glove and puff from the supermarket every day but i went to try this cheeky glo glove and i was thrilled with its results. A lot of dead skin was lifted and allowed my skin to breathe. My skin feels so smooth, light and it’s ✨GLOWING✨. Redness appears but goes away very quickly, the material isn’t harsh and scratchy to the skin like the gloves at the supermarket, the cheeky glo glove feels amazing when exfoliating. if you are reading this i HIGHLY recommend that you do purchase one. Thank you cheeky glo!! Definitely be purchasing more of your amazing products!!

      Kevin Xiao
      I'm shook

      My sister bought me the exfoliating glove as a present for my birthday. I've used it twice now and I'm shocked how much stuff comes off LOL