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Why You Should Exfoliate Your Skin

Do you struggle with dry, flaky skin? Rough and bumpy skin? Dark spots? Stretch marks and acne scars? Dull skin? If yes, worry no more! There is a natural and easy way to target these skin problems and to keep your skin healthier and younger-looking!

Mechanical exfoliation is a great way to take care of your skin. It is the process of removing dead skin cells, dirt, and other impurities from the skin with the use of an exfoliator like the CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove.

But before we proceed with the how’s and why’s of exfoliation, let’s first understand the common causes of skin problems.

Common Causes of Skin Problems

One of the common causes of many skin problems is the accumulation of dead skin cells. Our body always regenerates our skin so we always shed dead skin. However, some dead skin cells are not totally removed from the surface of the skin which results in buildup. 

Ageing also affects the condition of our skin. As we age, our skin produces less oil, making our skin dry. Because of this, our skin may look less radiant, dry, and dull.

Sun exposure is also a big factor in getting skin problems. If your skin is exposed to the sun without sunscreen, the UV rays will dry out the skin and will make your skin darker. Sun exposure also speeds up skin ageing and reduces the ability of the skin to repair. So if you have existing scars and marks, these will take longer to heal if your skin is always exposed to the sun.

Another cause of many skin problems is lack of hydration. Besides drinking enough water daily to keep our body hydrated, we also need to use moisturisers and body oils to maintain moisture in our skin. Without proper hydration, the skin will get dry, rough, and flaky especially during hot and cold seasons.

If you are always stressed and you don’t get enough sleep, your skin will tend to look dull and age faster. Whenever we're stressed, the production of cortisol hormones increases. This hormone lessens the elasticity of the skin, making your skin age faster and be prone to stretch marks.

Diet also plays an essential role in maintaining healthy skin. Having an unhealthy diet will affect the radiance of your skin. It is best to always include water-rich food, fruits, and vegetables in your diet to have healthy-looking skin. 


Get Healthier Skin Through Exfoliation

Say goodbye to dry, rough, flaky, bumpy, and dull skin! Start exfoliating your skin today with the CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove to get smoother, healthier, clearer skin!

Use the CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove to easily exfoliate dead skin cells, dirt, and oils from your skin. It is made with 100% biodegradable viscose fabric that doesn’t require any chemicals; all you need is water!

Here are the benefits that your skin will get if you regularly exfoliate with the CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove!

1. Reduce acne

    Whenever you exfoliate, you are giving your pores a deep clean. All the dead skin cells, dirt, and oils that are trapped in your pores are removed--making your skin clearer and less prone to acne breakouts. If you have existing acne, regular exfoliation will help reduce its appearance by removing all the build-up that worsens the acne.

    2. Prevent wrinkles

      Exfoliation stimulates the production of collagen, a protein that is responsible for skin elasticity. So if your skin has more collagen, it would feel firmer and younger. Exfoliation will then help you prevent and reduce wrinkles. Also, removing the dead skin cells through exfoliation reveals the fresh skin cells underneath, for brighter, glowing skin.

      3. Fade age spots

        As we age, our skin is prone to having dark spots. These spots appear whenever our skin is exposed to the sun. In order to fade these dark areas, you should remove the dead skin build-up on the surface of the skin. Exfoliate once a week to even out your skin tone. Also, don't forget to use body oil to add an extra layer of protection to your skin.


        4. Minimise scars

          Whether you have acne scars, stretch marks, or wound scars, exfoliation can definitely minimise its appearance. Scars tend to have a rough texture and darker colour so it is important to exfoliate regularly to even out the colour and texture. Exfoliation sloughs away the old skin build-up so your skin would look brighter and smoother. Do it at least once a week with an exfoliating glove to gradually fade your scars without using any harmful chemicals.


          5. Increase blood circulation

            The motion you create whenever you exfoliate your skin can actually promote healthy blood flow. You’ll know this when you see that your skin turns pink and gets back to its normal colour after a few minutes. Increasing blood circulation benefits your body by flushing out body toxins. This means that exfoliation benefits both the outside and inside of our bodies.


            6. Less ingrown hairs

              Ingrown hairs occur when you shave your hair and dead skin accumulates on the surface of the skin. When the hair grows, dead skin blocks the pores so the hair curls back--leading to bumps and redness.

              Exfoliating regularly, at least once or twice a week, will prevent your skin from having dead skin build-up that could cause ingrown hair. As a result, your hair will grow naturally and you will have a closer shave.


              7. Firmer skin

                Whenever you exfoliate, you are removing the old skin cells and revealing the new skin cells. This fresh skin is brighter and firmer. So if you exfoliate regularly, you are allowing your skin to look younger and healthier.

                Moreover, exfoliating your skin also enhances the production of collagen which increases the elasticity of the skin. This will help you avoid having wrinkles and fine lines.


                8. Brighter complexion

                  Having dead skin build-up makes your skin look dull and dark. For instance, your knees and elbows might look darker than the rest of your body because these parts have no sweat glands, which makes them prone to having dry skin. If you don’t get rid of this dry skin, it will get rougher and darker.


                  9. Improve skin tone and texture

                    Dark spots and uneven skin tone occur when the pigment cells multiply faster than usual. One of the most common causes of hyperpigmentation is too much exposure to the sun. Harmful UV rays from the sun causes discolouration, as well as dry skin. When the skin dries out, it is more prone to dead skin build-up that makes the skin look dark and rough. The best way to improve the skin tone and texture is to slough away the dead skin cells through exfoliation.

                    10. Help your skincare products work better
                      Did you know that dead skin build-up blocks skincare products from properly penetrating into the skin? No matter how religiously you apply these products, you won’t be able to see the best results. It is then important to exfoliate the dead skin cells to maximise the benefits of your skincare products!

                      Eco-Friendly Skincare Tool

                      The CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove is an eco-friendly tool that doesn’t require any chemicals to remove dead skin. You only need warm water to activate the glove. This is a safe beauty tool to use if you have sensitive skin, acne-prone skin and if you are pregnant.

                      It is also made with plant-based viscose fabric that is 100% biodegradable. The glove doesn’t only benefit your skin but it also benefits the environment!


                      How To Use The CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove

                      It is very simple! Follow the steps below to get clearer, healthier skin!

                      1. Soak your skin in warm water for at least 5 minutes to loosen the dirt and dead skin. Do not apply any skin product as the fabric of the glove relies on friction to remove dead skin.

                        2. Wet the glove and squeeze out excess water, leaving it slightly damp.

                        3. Move out of the water and exfoliate your skin vigorously using upward and downward strokes. Use your palm instead of your fingers to see better results. Repeat for each desired area of your body.


                        Tips On How To Get The Best Results

                        • Do not use oils, soaps, lotions, and body wash before using the glove so your skin will stay grippy. This allows the body glove to grab onto all the dirt and dead skin easily!
                        • Move your body away from the water, wet your glove, then firmly scrub your damp skin. Ensure there is no running water on your skin as you scrub. Make sure to squeeze out any excess water in the glove. The glove should be damp, not soaked, there should not be water running out of the glove when scrubbing.
                        • Use long strokes to achieve more exfoliation. The more pressure you apply while scrubbing, the more effective your exfoliation.
                        • Expand your hands and use your palms to scrub, so you can get more surface area. Even though curling your fingers around your body parts looks to be more effective, they are often not. It's all in the technique.
                        • Ensure to exfoliate no more than twice a week for best results! Your skin needs time to rest in between each deep exfoliation session. Don't over-exfoliate!

                        Are you now ready to get the smoothest skin ever? Start your exfoliation journey today with CheekyGlo!

                        Our CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove comes in pink and black colour. Both are effective in clearing your skin, but we recommend using the black glove if you are removing fake tan to avoid having stains.

                        You can also check out other exfoliating tools such as the CheekyGlo Face Mitt, CheekyGlo Dermablades, and CheekyGlo Back Scrubber! All these are only available at cheekyglo.com!

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