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How To Reduce Rough, Scaly Skin

Do you hate seeing your rough, scaly skin? Have you tried using a lot of skin care products yet your skin does not feel any better? Don't worry as this post will help you find easy ways that you can do to reduce your skin dryness.

What causes rough, scaly skin?


There are many factors why you have rough, scaly skin. One is dehydration. When your skin lacks moisture, the skin appears to be dry and dull. It may be because you drink less water than you're supposed to or you do not apply moisturiser after every bath. Remember that whenever you clean your body with soap and water, the natural oils in the skin are stripped off, so it is important to keep it hydrated by applying body lotion or oil.
If you are always exposed to the sun, your skin will most likely dry out and darken. The UV rays burn the skin, making it look darker and red, while the hot temperature lessens the moisture of the skin.
Just like hot temperature, cold weather can also affect the moisture of the skin. Because of the low humidity level, the skin will become dry and scaly.
Older people are more prone to having scaly skin because the oil glands produce less oil as we age. Not only does it make the skin dry, but this will also lead to more wrinkles and saggy skin.

What happens if rough, dry skin is not treated?

If your skin continues to be dry and scaly, the dead skin cells will accumulate on the surface of the skin. Our body constantly produces new skin cells and if the old ones are building up on the surface, it will aggravate your skin condition. More scales will form on your skin and it may also crack open!

How to treat rough, scaly skin?

No need to worry as there are simple ways to treat it at home. The most important step in keeping your skin healthy is exfoliation. We have to exfoliate the dead skin cells regularly to reveal the fresh skin cells. In this way, we are preventing the dead skin build-up that makes the skin rough and scaly.
Since the dead skin build-up also blocks the pores, exfoliating it will help your skin absorb skin care products that can keep it hydrated and healthy.
Use the CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove to effectively remove the dead skin, dirt, and oil. Our glove is made with viscose fabric that is great for deep exfoliation, whether you have sensitive skin, dry skin, or combination skin. All you need to do is have a warm bath or shower for at least five minutes, and you’re ready to exfoliate! Just remember not to apply any soap or lotion before scrubbing as the glove relies on friction to remove dead skin.
Once done, do not forget to keep your skin hydrated by applying a body lotion or oil.

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