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How Exfoliation Can Help Improve The Absorption Of Your Other Products

Wondering why your skin care products do not work effectively on your skin? This must be frustrating because other people experience great results while you don't, even after religiously using the products. Did you know that dead skin cells might be the culprit? It is because dead skin build-up blocks skin care products from properly penetrating into the skin. It is then important to exfoliate the dead skin cells to maximise the benefits of your skin care products!

How do dead skin cells build up?

Every day, our body produces new skin cells to replace the old skin cells. Since this is a continuous process, we always have dead skin cells on the outer layer of our skin. Over time, they build up on the surface of the skin. There are many reasons why this happens.
One of the factors that slows down the shedding of dead skin cells is aging. As we age, the skin cell turnover rate slows down. Babies and children have that youthful glow because their skin is growing quickly. Meanwhile, older people have slower skin and oil production--making the skin look dry and flaky. A rough texture of the skin traps the dead skin cells that are ready to be shed underneath.
If you struggle with regularly cleansing and exfoliating your skin, you may also have dead skin cells lingering around your body longer than they should. Remember that we constantly produce new cells, and if there are dead skin cells that are still sitting on the surface, they will turn into a build-up.
Sun exposure speeds up the skin aging and cell death processes. If the dead skin cells are increased faster than usual, it will result in a build-up. Stay out of the sun's harmful rays as much as possible and apply sunscreen for extra protection.
Another factor is dehydration. If your skin does not have enough moisture, it will become dry and flaky. This skin texture will block the dead skin cells that are ready to be exfoliated, hence dead skin build-up.

How do I get rid of dead skin build-up to improve the absorption of skin care products?

The perfect way to remove dead skin cells is through exfoliation! Exfoliate once or twice a week to scrub off the dead skin as well as the dirt and oil that block the penetration of your skin care products.
Use the CheekyGlo Exfoliating Glove for your body or the CheekyGlo Silk Mitt for your face!  These products will help you massage away the excess dead skin and dirt on the surface of your skin! Our exfoliating glove is made with plant-based viscose fabric that is perfect for deep exfoliation. Meanwhile, our face mitt is made with 100% Turkish silk that is gentle yet effective for face exfoliation. All you need to do is have a warm bath or shower for at least five minutes and your skin is already prepped for scrubbing! Remember not to use any soap, oil, or lotion as the glove relies on friction.
After exfoliating, you can now apply your skin care products! You can now maximise the effectiveness of these products as they can already penetrate on your skin!
CheekyGlo is an Australian beauty brand that specialises in beauty tools and products that provide real results. Our mission is to empower women and men to look and feel their best, naturally.